Bayer For Biodiversity initiative

Biodiversity is an important asset to us, which we aim to protect and preserve in the scope of all our activities.


// Raise AWAREness for the value of biodiversity - for society and for us as a company.

// Support and promote the MOVEment of agricultural production systems into a direction that balances farmers economic viability, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity preservation - along our value chains.

// Keep areas of high biodiversity value as a TREASURE for next generations.

Our goals:

Bayer is a trusted partner in the preservation of biodiversity.

We actively contribute to tangible approaches by collaboration and innovation.

Biodiversity is of particular relevance for the activities of Bayer’s Crop Science Division. We believe in and support sustainable agriculture: an agriculture that meets human demands for healthy, safe, and affordable food and ensures the livelihood of farmers, at the same time preserving natural resources and a healthy environment including its biodiversity.

An increase of production efficiency on agricultural land helps reduce expansion of farmland, thus preserving space for natural habitats. With our crop protection products, seeds and services we help farmers to increase their production efficiency. Our goal is to develop products that have the least possible side effects on biodiversity. This is ensured by sophisticated and thorough environmental safety testing and risk assessment. Moreover, we develop stewardship approaches and technologies for an optimized, targeted application, e.g. through digital solutions that allow for precision farming, hereby further minimizing environmental impacts.

Beyond this, we are involved in collaborative research and conduct and support projects that foster compatibility between modern agriculture and biodiversity and we are actively pursuing activities to implement biodiversity-preserving and restoring measures in agricultural areas.

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