The Bayer Bee Care Program

Bees and other pollinators are facing some key challenges in much of our modern world. Protecting them is a shared responsibility for us all, and this includes the crop protection industry.

That is why, in 2011, Bayer created the Bee Care Program.

The program builds on Bayer’s expertise in crop protection and animal health. It aims to strike a balance between helping farmers expand food production and contributing to the health, safety and diversity of pollinators.

The Bee Care Science Program has over 30 collaborative scientific projects worldwide, addressing some of the main threats and opportunities facing pollinators and pollination, offering customized approaches for specific local and regional needs.

The Program provides educational and scientific information and facts to increase understanding of the complexity of pollinator health-related topics.

Another important part of the Program is to stimulate dialog on pollinator protection with all interested stakeholders. The Bayer Bee Care Center in Monheim was opened in 2012 to better connect with a broad range of stakeholders, to seek opportunities to work together on promoting and protecting pollinator health.

Bayer Beecare Program

The Bayer Bee Care Program focuses on three key areas: ‘Feed a Bee’, ‘Healthy Hives’ and ‘Sustainable Agriculture’:

Feed a Bee …
… aims to expand pollinator foraging and nesting habitats to meet the nutritional and reproductive needs of diverse pollinator species and contributes to enhancing pollinator biodiversity.

Our ‘Feed a Bee’ initiative in the USA increases food for bees and other pollinators by planting more flowers and establishing additional forage acreage, while engaging the public along the way. Working with individuals and organizations across various sectors, ‘Feed a Bee’ helps to provide pollinators with the diverse forage and habitat they need to thrive.

Healthy Hives …
… is geared to research and awareness raising to improve beekeeping practices and better combat honey bee pests and pathogens.

Sustainable Agriculture …
… promotes the responsible use of crop protection products to ensure pollinator safety in agricultural landscapes, works to bring farmers and beekeepers closer together and aims to find innovative ways to optimize crop pollination.

One way to demonstrate how agriculture and pollinator protection work in harmony is through our Forward Farms.

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