Challenges for bees

Pollinators face numerous challenges in much of the modern world. The importance and interplay of these multiple stress factors differ from region to region.

So what challenges do honey bees face?

Several stress factors can impact honey bee health, such as pests and diseases, adverse weather conditions, genetic factors, lack of nutrition and foraging habitat but also agricultural and beekeeping practices.

The neonicotinoid debate - a political one

After 20 years of intense research, no adverse effects at honey bee colony level have been found to be caused by systemic neonicotinoid residues in blossoms of seed-treated crops under realistic field conditions.

Intoxication incidents with seed treatment products led to bee mortalities in 2008 in Germany and Slovenia; they were accidents, caused by a faulty seed treatment; since then, many safety measures have been put in place to even further reduce the risk of dust drift harming pollinators during sowing.

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