US Pollinator Week

Event triggers new activities to protect bees

Jun 25, 2015
Beekeeper Paul Vonk won this year’s Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award

Beekeeper Paul Vonk won this year’s Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award

The ninth official US “Pollinator Week” was held from the 15th to 21st of June and encouraged numerous activities for bee protection. The Pollinator Partnership organization has been initiating annual week-long events since 2007. They inform about the significance of pollinators – such as bees, birds, butterflies and bats – and support activities to protect these animals.
Bayer CropScience took this opportunity to honor a special contribution that protects bees: The apiarist Paul Vonk from Georgia received the annual Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award. His so-called HiveTool allows beekeepers to better manage their hives by giving real time feedback on hive conditions. “Paul’s efforts to improve his community by educating beekeepers and students through HiveTool are remarkable," said Dr. Becky Langer, director of the North American Bayer Bee Care Program.
The North American Bee Care Center has been up and running for more than one year now to help foster bee health research, education, partnerships and stewardship. The bee experts successfully kicked off several projects: The campaign “Feed a Bee” aims to plant 50 million flowers this year, to ensure the bees’ food resources. So far about 200,000 people have visited the homepage of Feed a Bee and ordered a free seed package.
The next big step of the North American Bee Care team is the initiative “Healthy Hives 2020“. It aims to improve the health of bee colonies in the USA within the next five years. Scientists, beekeepers, government and private industry determined the measures in a two-day workshop. They will focus on Varroa management, genetic honey bee tests and intensive hive monitoring to improve beekeeping practices.
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Also learn more about  “Healthy Hives 2020“.

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