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Bayer Bee Care participates in opening of local community nature trail

May 24, 2017
(L to R) Peter Trodtfeld, Mayor Daniel Zimmermann and Gillian Mansfield near the wild bee station on the nature trail.

When the idea for an educational nature trail was announced last year and participation was invited, Bayer stepped up quickly to offer support for this local city community project.
With bees being one of the areas of interest, the Bayer Bee Care Center became involved, providing a variety of educational information and photographs which could be used for a wild bee station along the trail to promote wild bee habitat.

After many months of planning, preparation and hard work, the Nature Adventure Trail in Rheinbogen Landscape Park, Monheim am Rhein was officially opened on Friday 12th May. Attending the nature trail opening event on behalf of Bayer were Simone Rosche, Site Manager at Bayer’s Monheim site, along with Peter Trodtfeld, Bee Health Expert (and beekeeper) and Gillian Mansfield, Communications Manager, both from the Bayer Bee Care team.

The team was there to discuss the various challenges pollinators face. Wild bees frequently depend on particular habitat and nesting structures to thrive and specifically forage on certain plants. Ensuring the availability of both is important for their health.

Visitors talk to the team and learn more about bee health at the wild bee station.

Visitors talk to the team and learn more about bee health at the wild bee station.

As part of its Bee Care Program, Bayer is working on several ‘Feed a Bee’ projects around the world to create and raise awareness of the importance of appropriate forage and suitable habitat. Using their ‘Ape’ (Italian for bee), a mobile exhibition unit, they also provided other educational fun elements on bees for the visitors to enjoy including glasses which allowed people to “see like a bee” and booklets on why pollination is important and where wild bees live, for younger visitors.

“It’s great to see families enjoying the trail and learning together about different aspects of nature, including bees” said Peter Trodtfeld, at the event. Adding to this, Simone Rosche said, “We are very happy to have been a part of this project, the health of bees and other pollinators being an important topic for Bayer.”

With the sun shining brightly down, the first guided tour to all of the stations was conducted with Mayor Daniel Zimmermann and tourism manager Maximiliane Richtzenhain. Following this, visitors had the opportunity to walk the trail for themselves, getting a close up look at the various stations along the way. These included herb beds, a wetland biotope, wild bee area and information on the Rhine river relocation. At each station, experts who had helped to create the trail were ready to give first-hand information for the visitors. “For us, it is rewarding to see the visitors learning from the interactive exhibits along the trail. It is a wonderful project to bring educational information across in an appealing way,” Gillian Mansfield summarized at the end of the day.

Now open, the trail provides a functional, interesting and educational amenity that both the local community and visitors to the city can enjoy.

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