New Web Page on OECD Work Related to Bees & Pollinators now available

Providing an up-to-date central resource for authoritative information sources

Aug 06, 2014
New Web Page on OECD Work Related to Bees & Pollinators now available

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has set up a new website to offer a detailed overview on its work related to bees and pollinators.

There have been numerous reports in recent years highlighting declines in native and managed pollinators in several regions of the world. Many factors are thought to be associated with these declines, including habitat destruction, predators, certain agricultural practices, bee management practices, pathogens, climate change, nutrition and pesticides.
This platform is a result of the observation that this last factor has generated a lot of uncertainty regarding its role in colony losses and any reports of adverse incidents are often picked up by the press and sensationalized, spreading rapidly around the world.
This web page aims to improve the accessibility of up-to-date, authoritative information sources for Pesticide Regulatory Authorities, which they can use to respond to these incidents in a timely fashion,

The new platform offers an overview on current and planned OECD activities. That includes information about the regulatory approaches adopted by OECD member countries to mitigate pesticide risks to insect pollinators.

Find the website at the following link

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