More Beehives in New Zealand

Rising number of honey bees ensures high honey yields

May 27, 2015
The number of managed bee colonies in New Zealand is constantly increasing.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MIP) and the Association for Animal Health and Crop Protection (Agcarm), register constantly rising beehive numbers in New Zealand. Also, the number of registered beekeepers increased by about 12 percent in 2014 compared to the year before. Referring to official data, Agcarm reported 546,837 managed honey bee colonies in New Zealand – in 2004 there were only 292,530.

“The number of managed hives has nearly doubled in a decade – this is excellent news as the bee industry is vital to New Zealand agriculture,” said Agcarm chief executive Graeme Peters. During the last few years, the rise in honey bee numbers has already increased New Zealand’s honey yield to a record 17,825 tons in one season.

However, improving honey bee health is still an important issue in this country. According to the MIP the Varroa mite is the main threat to the Western honey bee. A correlation between the hive condition and the usage of crop protection products has not been seen.

Find here the press release of Agcarm.

Read the full evaluation of the Ministry of Primary Industries 2014 apiculture monitoring programme.

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