Joining hands for bees

The new magazine BEENOW is now online available

Oct 08, 2014
BEENOW – The Bee Health Magazine from Bayer

BEENOW – The Bee Health Magazine from Bayer

Bee health depends on many factors, such as weather, diseases or parasites. To investigate these influences on the insects, Bayer cooperates with research institutes, universities, beekeepers and industrial partners from all around the world. Together, we seek solutions to facilitate the life of bees and other pollinators.

We are happy to present these exciting research co-operations in our new BEENOW magazine. There, insect researchers and agricultural experts deliver a hands on account of their everyday lab and field work: a newly developed beehive warning system is just one example – the investigation of pollinators’ wellbeing in Canada is another.

The printed version of the magazine will be available beginning of December.  But the stories will be gradually available online. Read currently at what our researchers are doing to keep the dangerous Varroa mite in check.

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