In dialog with journalists

Putting bee issues in perspective

Sep 24, 2014
In dialog with journalists

In dialog with journalists

Some 50 international journalists took the opportunity to participate in our Bee Care workshop in the afternoon, following the Bayer CropScience Annual Press Conference on Wednesday 17th September.

Introducing the workshop and welcoming the journalists, Julian Little, Spokesperson for the Bayer Bee Care Center explained, “It’s about talking with people and not to people.”
Freelance journalist, Andrew Craston, gave an interesting talk about the history of bee mortality, stressing that it has been a subject of research for centuries and that we can learn much about modern day bee colony losses by looking at the causes recorded in the past.

There followed a presentation on “Myths and Reality”,  by Christian Maus, Global Pollinator Safety Manager, Bayer Bee Care Center, who outlined the multiple factors impacting bee health and stressed that parasites and diseases were the main causes of bee mortality. “There has been no correlation shown between bee losses and certain agricultural practices,” he confirmed.

Following the presentations, an informal workshop session provided an opportunity for the speakers to gain input from the audience and answer questions, participating in very open and frank discussions on bee health with the journalists.

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