Global Bayer Bee Care Center’s Anniversary

Five-year commitment to pollinator health

Sep 18, 2017
To mark 5 years of the Bayer Bee Care Center, a Japanese “bee tree” was planted in the garden. F.l.: Coralie van Breukelen-Groeneveld, Global Head of Bayer Bee Care, Simone Rosche, Site Manager Monheim and Bernd Naaf, Head of Business Affairs & Communications.

It is five years since the Global Bayer Bee Care Center in Monheim opened its doors for the first time, as part of our Bee Care Program, allowing us to reach out and better connect with a broad range of stakeholders, seeking opportunities to discuss and work together on pollinator health issues. Reason enough to organize a small event to mark the occasion and to thank all the people around the world that have supported the Bee Care Team to bring the Bee Care Program alive.

Following the main celebratory event, guests and employees could visit various Bee Care exhibitions within the building. Here they could find out what is being done in the areas of bee safety of Bayer products, bringing new honey bee medicines to market, providing foraging and habitat, and learn about our Bee Care Science Program, covering over 30 collaborative research projects worldwide and tackling some of the main threats and opportunities for pollinators and pollination via a tailor-made approach corresponding to local and regional differences.

Thanks to our long-lasting commitment to pollinator health and fruitful collaborations, we are making a difference for bees and other pollinators!

Interested to learn more about the Bee Care Program and its activities: read the blog http://bit.ly/2vOtvO5

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