Focus on pollinator health

International agricultural journalists learn more about the Bayer Bee Care Program and pollinator health

Jul 19, 2016
At the apiary: Bayer beekeeper Peter Trodtfeld in discussion with one group of agricultural journalists about the different factors influencing honey bee health.

A delegation of agricultural journalists from around the world came to visit the Bayer Bee Care Center in Monheim last week at the occasion of the 60th Congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ).

As part of their “innovation tour”, the journalists had the opportunity to visit the Bee Care pollinator garden and apiary, opened in May this year to support Bayer’s outreach activities on a topic of key importance, namely pollinator health. Sustainable agriculture requires efficient pollination services and a responsible use of crop protection products. Via its Bee Care Program, Bayer contributes to the health and safety of pollinators in those areas it feels it can genuinely contribute with expertise and experience. Bayer’s efforts fall under three main themes – ‘Feed a Bee’, ‘Healthy Hives’ and ‘Sustainable Agriculture’, engaging in numerous projects and cooperations with experts and partners from around the world.

Speaking after the event, Coralie van Breukelen-Groeneveld, Head of the Bee Care Center, remarked, “It is great to see the apiary facility being used to host this visit today and to have this opportunity for discussion around the many factors impacting pollinator health in the modern world. Pollinator health is a shared responsibility which must be collectively tackled. For us, it is important to hear what the journalists have to say and to provide answers to their questions around the topic of pollinator health and our activities related to bee health and safety.”

The extensive side program to the IFAJ congress which focused on “Sustainable Agriculture in Germany” also allowed the participants to explore the Bayer Forward Farm Damianshof with its supporting activities for a modern and sustainable agriculture, e.g. for bee health and a range of measures to sustain biodiversity.
Bayer ForwardFarming is a knowledge and communication platform for sharing demonstrated sustainable farming practices.

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