Congratulations on the 1st anniversary

Review of the first year’s accomplishments at the North American Bee Care Center

May 07, 2015
The North American Bee Care Center opened in April 2014.

The North American Bee Care Center opened in April 2014.

On April 27th, the Bee Care Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, celebrated its one-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, the team invited numerous guests, partners, community stakeholders, journalists and Bayer employees, to review the past year’s activities. The Center was opened on April 15th, 2014 to help foster bee health research, education, partnerships and stewardship.

As a result, the Bee Care Team has worked on and led many projects during the last year: In several studies the researchers and beekeepers collected and evaluated important data concerning changes of hive conditions. An important issue for the honey bees’ health is diverse nutrition. Many places lack nutritious food sources and the Bee Care Team reacted to this problem by founding the initiative “Feed A Bee” with a goal of growing 50 million flowers and providing additional forage acreage for bees in 2015. Another important task was to find solutions to combat the Varroa mite – the biggest enemy of the Western honey bee. Bayer researchers in North America supported the development and testing of a new technology: the Varroa Gate that will help fight the parasite right at the beehive entrance.

In celebration of the anniversary the Bee Care Team also presented future plans, such as kicking off the 5-year initiative “Healthy Hives”. Its goal is to develop new strategies to improve honey bee health in the United States by the year 2020, through cooperation with other bee experts.

Bayer has been dedicated to improving bee health for nearly 30 years and this knowledge enables the company to also foster external education and research. The first anniversary of the North American Bee Care Center shows that Bayer will go on strengthening research to improve honey bee health.

You can share in the excitement and follow the festivities on Twitter at @Bayer4CropsUS using #BayerBeeCare

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