Cheers to a Healthy 2017 with the Healthy Colony Checklist!

New tool makes colony assessments easier

Feb 10, 2017
Dick Rogers from the Bayer Bee Care Center North America, inspecting a comb.

Regular monitoring of beehives is essential to ensuring honey bee colony health, as this can change dramatically over a short period of time due to the Varroa mite, or other pests and pathogens like Nosema and the small hive beetle. In addition, bacterial diseases, numerous viruses and a variety of other stressors can impact colony health.

There are many ways to inspect honey bee colonies, ranging from infrequent casual entrance examinations, to opening hives for detailed, in-depth looks on a regular schedule. There are also many tools to record and process inspection observations. All of these variables can lead to complicated and inconsistent monitoring and management of honey bee health.

The Healthy Colony Checklist - developed by the Bayer Bee Care Center in North Carolina (USA) - is a helpful tool in making it easier to carry out more frequent colony assessments and, with this, enabling better management of honey bee colony health in 2017 and beyond.

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