Bees need Food and a Home

Pollinators help us and, together, we can help them

Mar 27, 2015
Bees and other pollinators help produce a variety of foods which add to a healthy diet

The DEFRA video provides a fun and easy-to-grasp overview of the current bee topic, focusing on three simple messages:  

Message # 1: Insect pollinators matter. By pollinating wild and garden plants they contribute to biodiversity. By pollinating agricultural crops they provide variety in our diets. And some crops, like raspberries, apples and pears, need insect pollination to produce good yields of high quality fruit.  

Message #2: Bees need food and a home to survive. Pollinators face many threats, but evidence suggests that the loss of flower-rich habitat – linked to intensive agriculture, urbanisation and industrialization – increases the impact of all other pressures.
Therefore, of all the threats facing wild bees and other pollinators, habitat loss is probably one of the most significant.  

Message # 3: We can do something about it. We can create habitat for bees and other pollinators. So whether you live in a town or in the countryside, you can help create or expand habitat for pollinators by taking action now: Grow more flowers in your gardens, yards and balconies. Leave patches of land to grow wild and weedy as nesting places for butterflies.  Cut grass less often. Always follow the instructions on the label of plant protection products to avoid harming bees. 

To watch the DEFRA video : YouTube

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