Bees fly over the Expo

Universal Exhibition in Milan shows the fascinating World of Bees

Apr 21, 2015
Many countries are focusing on the useful insects at the Expo – from compound eyes to bee health

“Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” reads this year’s title of the Expo Milan, which opens on May 1st, 2015. More than 140 countries will be present at the universal exhibition, to take a stand for the future of global food security and the conservation of the environment. The pollination services of wild bees and honey bees play an essential role in our food supply chain. For this reason, many countries are focusing on the useful insects at the Expo – from compound eyes to bee health. The exhibitors want to convey the importance of wild bees and honey bees for society to the ten million expected visitors and intrigue them with an artistic presentation.

In the run up to the Expo the Italian Ministry of Education and the Swiss Embassy in Italy are already informing about “food security and sustainable agriculture”. In specialized fact sheets they explain what threatens the pollinators of many fruits, berries, nuts and vegetables. Additionally, the fact sheets give advice on how one can help improve the health of wild bees. School children are particularly addressed by the topics at the Expo.

The UK is presenting an especially artistic pavilion: visitors can walk through an idyllic orchard and wildflower garden, with winding structures that resemble a beehive. In fact, the artist Wolfgang Buttress who designed the pavilion, was really inspired by honey bees. A golden sphere in the center of the area symbolizes a hive.
The German presentation also promises to be a spectacular highlight: Visitors will be able to see through a technical reconstruction of two huge compound eyes. The elaborately produced insect eyes fly above the visitor’s heads. They will be able to see various landscapes of Germany on acrylic glass screens – taken from a bee’s perspective.

The Expo Milan will be open for six months – until October 31st, 2015 – and offers many examples to discover the interesting world of the useful insects.

Italy and Switzerland inform about “food security and sustainable agriculture

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