Bees and soccer in New York

Bayer exhibition at famous historical city landmark: Grand Central Station

Jul 17, 2014
Bees and soccer in New York

Bees and soccer in New York

From July 8 – 10, Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station offered New Yorkers and tourists the chance to find out first-hand from Bayer volunteers how science impacts everyday life.

The exhibition also featured a bee care exhibit which was designed to educate the public about bee health through videos, interactive games and quizzes, and a honey comb wall. A honey tasting bar provided the visitors with the chance to find out what US bees can do with local flowers: varieties included clover, orange, buckwheat, and mint honey. “Most people were surprised to learn that the Bayer pharmaceutical company had anything to do with bees,” says Bayer volunteer Veldon Sorensen, a hobby beekeeper. “It was good to clarify for many what the bee issues really are and how – even in the city – they can help by planting flowers.”

The exhibition also included a soccer stand explaining the science behind soccer and how Bayer contributed its expertise and materials to the “Bazurka” – the football used in this year’s FIFA World Cup.  The event also included Bayer’s “Making Science Make Sense” learning station, which demonstrates the marvel of scientific experimentation, using everyday household items.


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