Beekeepers and Farmers Awarded

The European Parliament awarded the agricultural association in France for its strong commitment to good agricultural practices vis-à-vis pollinators.

Oct 08, 2015
Bee protection and agricultural efforts can function side-by-side, such as increasing food and water sources in agricultural land.

If beekeepers and farmers work together, they can protect important pollinators such as bees. With this in mind, the European agricultural association Copa and Cogeca recently awarded first prize to the French project “Poll’ Aisne Attitude” for focusing on good agricultural practices with pollinators. The awards ceremony took place in the European Parliament on October 1, 2015.

In this project, members of the French Agricultural Organization FNSEA worked with beekeepers, beehive schools, cooperatives, the Chamber of Agriculture and regional states to carry out a five-year project: They placed 100 new beehives in Aisne, a region in northern France and created a code of standards that 100 farmers signed. Their goal:  to protect the biodiversity of bee species.

Tibor Szanyi, member of the European Parliament’s Committees on Agriculture and Environment and host of the awards ceremony, stressed the huge importance of the project: “My main message is No bees No food. The future of mankind lies partly in the hands of beekeepers. We have to step up research to find solutions.”

Read the official press release from Copa and Cogeca here

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