BEEINFOrmed: new article series about bee health topics

First issue focuses on bee mortality and talks about what we can learn from the past

Oct 06, 2014
BEEINFOrmed: new article series about bee health topics

There is an abundance of historical records on bee mortality – the earliest dating back to the first days of beekeeping in Ancient Egypt. Since then, people have tried to identify why bee populations died. There are both culinary and economic reasons for this interest: after all, honey was the only sweetener known to mankind for many millennia.

Under the title “Bee mortality and its present-day relevance” the first article in our BEEINFOrmed series looks at the historical records and highlights what they can tell us about bee mortality in the 21st century.

The article concludes with an overview of the history of bee health at Bayer in recent decades and illustrates what the company has been doing to preserve these vital beneficial insects.

The publication is available on the Bee Care website under Publications.


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