Dialogue, communication and education are key

Bee Care garden and apiary opens for business at Monheim

May 20, 2016
Bee Care garden and apiary opens for business at Monheim

Bernd Naaf, Head of Business Affairs and Communications cut the ribbon with Coralie van Breukelen-Groeneveld to officially open the new Bee Care apiary and pollinator garden.

Recently we saw the opening of the new Bee Care pollinator garden and apiary at the Monheim site in Germany, which will support our outreach activities on a topic of key importance to Bayer, namely pollinator health. As a company, we understand the importance of healthy pollinators and that pollination matters.

Unfortunately, pollinators face numerous challenges in much of the modern world, including pests & diseases, questionable beekeeping practices, lack of foraging opportunities and habitat, among others. In her opening speech, Coralie van Breukelen-Groeneveld, Head of the Bee Care Center explained that “Through our Bee Care Program, we focus on the areas where we feel we, as a company, can genuinely contribute to the wellbeing of pollinators: that is, through our three pillars which are ‘feed a bee’, ‘healthy hives’ and ‘sustainable agriculture’. In doing so, we utilize all the in-depth expertise and experience which we have built up in our animal health and crop protection areas, working in collaboration with local experts/partners.

Opening of the Bee Care gardens

The new apiary and pollinator garden will support our discussions with visitors and stakeholders from around the world who have an interest in pollinator health.

As we expand our activities in the area of pollinator health, this new apiary and pollinator garden will help us showcase this ongoing commitment. It contains an exhibition and discussion room as well as a dedicated beekeeping and laboratory area. In addition, it is surrounded by a pollinator garden which provides a home for the Bee Care Center’s own beehives as well as demonstrating the various ways in which stakeholders can help to promote pollinators’ health in their own gardens.”

Dialogue, communication and education are of key importance to us. The apiary and pollinator garden, as an integral part of the Bayer Bee Care Program, will complement the Bee Care Center in Monheim for global outreach and support our discussions with visitors and stakeholders with an interest in pollinator health from around the world. In addition, we hope it will provide inspiration to many Bayer colleagues. To support this, the apiary and garden were also opened for employees to visit for two days following the official opening event and many took up the invitation.

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