A woman with a passion for agriculture

Contributing through connecting

Mar 08, 2019
Nevena: passionate about bees, farming and working for Bayer.

Nevena: passionate about bees, farming and working for Bayer.

On International Women’s Day, we recognize women around the world like Nevena. Women with a passion for what they do and who are using the knowledge and experience they have gained to help address the issues and challenges they see around them.

Nevena works for Bayer as a registration manager of crop protection products, ensuring that the products she helps bring to the market are safe for humans and the environment in which they will be used.
As a strawberry grower and beekeeper in her spare time, she understands that, like her, farmers and beekeepers face many challenges – be it through needing to protect the crop in the field or through keeping honey bees in the hive healthy.

That’s why she builds farmer-beekeeper relations by reaching out and talking to both parties, either on the job or during her free time, to help them appreciate the different challenges they each face and show the interdependence of crop production and pollinators in her country.

Today – let’s celebrate women around the world who are raising their voices on important topics they are passionate about – just like Nevena.

Here’s Nevena’s story: Passionate about bees and working to protect them

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