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Bee Learning Center opens in Thailand

Raising awareness, training and building networks

This week in a cooperation between Bayer AG and Kasetsart University, a Bee Learning Center opened in Bangkok, Thailand – the first of its kind in Asia.

Advocating and Innovating at Entomology 2019

New tools, approaches and investigations are helping to reshape and rethink entomology

In mid-November 2019, the Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting in St Louis included topics regarding bees and other pollinating insects.

Working together for pollination in Colombia

Thanks to the efforts of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANDI)

Aware that pollinators can increase many food crop yields, Colombian beekeepers and farmers work together to improve crop productivity and protect honey bees.

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Varroa Gate - A new solution for healthy...

The Western honey bee’s biggest enemy is called Varroa destructor. The mite is a huge threat to the health of the honey bees as it transmits dangerous diseases. In this video we show how Bayer aims to support beekeepers to protect their honey bees.

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